Chemen Lavi Miyò (CLM) Pathway to a Better Life


SAO-CLM in Creole - Chimen Lavi Miyo -stands for Pathway to a Better Life. The approach is designed to enable the very poorest families to improve their own lives. In 18 months, they develop dependable livelihoods. They learn to manage income-generating activities, and then receive the assets they need to jump-start their economic activities. They then receive close accompaniment (medical assistance, clean water, cash stipend for food for the first 6 months, assets for business of their choice, repairing habitat, build toilets and self-esteem, etc.) through case manager's weekly home visits till graduation.

CLM is an adaptation for Haiti of the graduation approach to eliminating ultra-poverty that was originally developed by BRAC in Bangladesh. The approach has been studied extensively around the world, with very positive results of a long-term random control trial study published in Science in 2015. (See: Research on the CLM program in Haiti has consistently revealed encouraging results, as well.

SAO is implementing CLM in Phaeton, Paulette and Savanette in the Northeast with FONKOZE as a partner.

Sonje Ayiti Organization continues to seek funds to implement the CLM graduation program in Bahon..

The SAO-CLM program will empower a cohort of 100 ultra-poor families in Bahon where we have been implementing a nutrition program since 2012 in partnership with Meds and Food for Kids (MFK).