Sonje Ayiti's Goat/Chicken Distribution Program

As one of Sonje Ayiti’s initial projects, our Goat/chicken distribution program has enabled many families the benefit of having a source of income, as well as a source of valuable nutrition.  Our training and distribution program began in 2007 aided by a $12,000 grant from Community Coalition for Haiti, and, after receiving subsequent grants from Heifer International and as part of the IMA/ACCorD, Saint Bartholomew Catholic Church of Indiana  program, has since been largely self-propagating.  The idea is fairly simple:  After being recommended by a local screening committee, and after being put together in a Solidarity Group of 5 (GS-5) unit (a support group of 5 families, bonded together, working on a joint project, and holding one another accountable), preparing a field of at least 1-1/2 acres, that has good water, fencing, and an adequate shelter, and undergone an intensive, 2-week training session by our trained SAO Ag staff, they are awarded 20 goats per group …including two males, and several pregnant females or 2 pregnant females  per family.  At the end of one year, they are to donate back to the SAO main herd offspring to help replenish the stock so that additional donations can occur to enable 5 more families ad/or individual families…and the process continues.  It is not a new concept, but it is one that is highly prized in Haiti.

 One of the drawbacks to native Haitian stock is that they are smaller in size, and do not produce very much milk.  Sonje Ayiti has, over the course of the past year, increased the number of valuable, larger purebred stock to our herd.  We now have, in our breeding herd, South African Boer, Mixed Alpine and full-size Nubians, who are considerably larger than the native Haitian variety, offering greater meat value when slaughtered, and produces enough milk, when properly managed, to significantly increase the protein value, as well as the real possibility of making and selling both butter and cheese. 

 We are extremely proud of this program that has made a great difference in the lives of many of our families in northern Haiti, and know that our Goat Specialists are well-respected and highly qualified to continue this program on into the future.  The community families who have benefited from the Pase-Kado / Kabrit program have been very responsible with their gift and have been the best promoters for other families to endeavor to meet the strict screening process to be eligible to receive the same benefit.  Sonje Ayiti never steers away from our goal of helping Haitians to help Haitians, and this program exemplifies our three fold:  promoting health, education, and employment.  

 If you have an interest in our goat/chicken-gifting program, and would like to donate towards our efforts to continually improve our native breeding stock, or help us in our educational training efforts, please contact us.

Francis Wray